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Dodge HEMI 6.4L: Everything You Need To Know

The framework of the 6.4 L HEMI can also be found in the 6.1 and 5.7 L HEMI they are the same but have different bores and strokes. The engine design revolved around the 90degree cylinder bank orientation. The 6.4L HEMI engine is an oversquare engine with a 103.9 mm cylinder bore, 94.6 mm piston stroke, and 10.9 compression rating for most ...

Forged 6.4, 392 Short Block Modern Muscle Xtreme

NEW 6.4 Hemi SRT8 Crankshaft Used 6.4 Hemi STR8 block Align honed with torque plates, Honed with Custom Aluminum Torque Plate, and Zero Decked Premium Main and Rod Bearings Installed Includes MDS Plugs and Rear Main Seal

Chrysler 6.4 HEMI Engine Specs, Problems, Reliability, oil, Challenger ...

The 6.4 Hemi engine block features piston cooling jets. Oil jets, or squirters, spray engine oil on the bottom of each piston to remove combustion heat. This is one of the reasons why 6.4 Hemi V8s come with an oiltowater oil cooler. Besides that, the 6.4L V8 is equipped with revised connecting rods made of higherstrength powder metal material and new, largerdiameter flattop pistons.

HEMI long blocks

6.4 HEMI Based Long Block 392 and up The Chrysler V8 6.4L HEMI engine has been available since 2011 under the SRT and S Pack configurations and is the highest power option available for most of the Dodge, RAM and Jeep cars and trucks. Always looking to do better, Arrington uses this block, replacing all of the moving parts with forged ...

HHP/BES 6.4 Based 392 6.4L Forged HEMI Short Block HHP39264SB

Description. Our high end Professional Series HEMI short blocks are the most popular choice for our SRT8 owners who want the best engine, whether for the track or for daily street use. This custom Forged 392ci SRT8 built exclusively for HHP by Tony Bischoff and BES Racing Engines Winner of the 2006, 2007 and with a Gen 3 HEMI, the 2010 ...

aluminum hemi block eBay

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Late Model HEMI 6.1L Aluminum Block

HEMI Gen III Aluminum 6.1L Block P5153897. 4.055quot bore max bore 4.060quot . This block will accomodate all of the parts from a 6.1L Gen III HEMI engine. Features and Benefits: Lightweight aluminum gives added performance in more ways than one better acceleration, braking, vehicle dynamics, you name it. Lighter is better.

Engine Blocks USA Performance Parts

Engine BlocksAluminum and Cast Iron Racing Blocks ... Chrysler / Dodge 6.4 L HEMI Dodge Viper V10 Up to 2010 Chrysler 340 360 Chrysler 361 383, 426 Wedge 440 Chrysler 426 HEMI Top Fuel and Funny Car Ford Valves. Manley Ford Valves. 4.6 and 5.4 Va ...

Dodge HEMI 6.2L: Everything You Need To Know Dust Runners Automotive ...

The 6.2 L HEMI heads shares the basic cylinder head architecture as the 6.4 HEMI Apache. 6.4 HEMI heads proved to be exceptional performers capable of flowing over 340 cfm. However, on a side note, the difference between the 6.2 HEMI and 6.4 is it is suited with hollowstem, sodiumfilled exhaust valves capable of withstanding high temperatures up to 1475 Fahrenheit.

BRODIX Aluminum Small Blocks 9.325 Deck USA Performance Parts

BRODIX Aluminum Chevy Small Block 9.300quot Deck Height. Brodix blocks come with iron sleeves that need to be honed to size or bored and honed if oversize is desired. Sleeves stick up from deck intentionally. It is the engine builders preference wheter or not to surface the sleeves flat wit the deck. Mains are not finished honed.