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Laser Cut Aluminum and Laser Cut Steel A Guide

18/06/2021018332Unlike standardgrade or carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel are lightreflective and heatconductive metals, so it can be difficult to fabricate them using a laser cutting process. A possible solution for laser cut aluminum and laser cut steel, involves the use of a higher power setting coupled with compressed gas technology.5

Laser Cutting: Steel and Aluminum

20/10/2018018332Nitrogen and oxygen assisted laser cutting machines can shape aluminum and stainless steel at relatively high capacities with great results. Unfortunately, higher electricity and power consumption along with the cost of adjunct equipment used to achieve these results may increase costs so high that it outweighs the worth of the cutting technique.3

Laser Cutting American Steel amp Aluminum

Laser Cutting. American Steel amp Aluminums state of the art 8 kilowatt Trumpf TruLaser 3040 utilizes the latest in Bright Line fiber cutting technology, enabling us to deliver the highest quality parts with exceptional edge quality, at affordable prices. Couple this with our extensive material inventory and we are confident we will be your partner ...

Laser Metal Cutting Machine Cut Steel Aluminium SPI

Laser cut aluminium foil Aluminium foil is a metal that has uses for a range of industries, perhaps most commonly seen in the packaging industry. We have written about the quick cut of thin aluminium foil here, where we found that the fastest speed to laser cut aluminium was at 100kHz.6